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Application Development

Bring life to an otherwise static web page with custom web application integration. A custom designed web application can give your customer or staff access to your business when they want it, even after hours. Interbrite web applications are designed to include everything you need and nothing you don't. They are built to work entirely in a web browser with little or no special setup on the users end. There are no per-user licensing fees involved, and we build in the necessary security to ensure that private information stays that way. Plus, you're in complete control of when and how to upgrade and we can often build your custom application at a price that's lower than a similar commercially marketed product.

The possibilities of what we can help you do with your website are endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • Online storefronts and shopping carts. Let your customers research and buy your products directly from your website, 24 hours a day. We may even be able to interface you online cart with the order processing or point-of-sale system you are currently using to run your business , saving you from having to re-enter customers orders, or we can build a complete system to manage your entire fulfillment process. If you run a service oriented business or a business that offers variably priced products (such as insurance), we can build a system that generates estimates or quotes in real time.
  • Corporate intranets. Deliver company news and information to your staff wherever they are. We can even include web based email, contact, calendar, and file access so your employees can securely work from home or while on the road.
  • Automated forms processing. Think of all of the forms you and you employees use on a daily basis. Order forms, job applications, vacation requests, purchase orders, expense reports...the list goes on and on. Often one employee fills out the form on paper and gives it to another employees who enters the information into a database. Avoid the needless repetition by having your employees fill out these forms on the web and have all the processing done automatically.
  • Appointment requests and prescription refills. Doctors, car dealerships, lawyers, hair stylists, and anyone else who works on a per-appointment basis: allow your patients or clients to view your availability and request appointments online. Doctors, save your patients a phone call by letting them make prescription refill requests online. We can ensure that the information that's sent is encrypted so that only you can read it, in compliance with privacy laws.

This list should have helped you think of ways that Interbrite Communications can help your business. Send us your ideas and we'll contact you to discuss making them a reality.